Children are easily influenced by the world around them. If all they see are violence, lack of respect, social troubles and life pressures, they will be easily affected. Growing up positive and exploring their potential would be a challenge under these circumstances. The situation is made worse when children have no access to proper education or lack behind in their studies. Atmah understands these problems and determines to ensure every child under its care has provision to basic education and excels in their academic performance under a safe and caring school environment.

Atmah Vidhyalaaya Community Preschools

We support underprivileged and disadvantaged by providing early childhood education. Most of these children come from lower income families who were unable to support their children preschool education. We provide trained teachers, books, uniforms, children stationary, playground and educational toys in all our 23 preschool education centers throughout Malaysia. Started from a humble beginning with only 15 children in 2005 the number has grown than 700 children today. It will be possible without our 45 trained, qualified, dedicated and passionate teachers.

Coaching Mentoring for Primary and Secondary Students

To ensure that no child are left behind, we work closely in partnership with schools in academically high-risk, low-income areas where the students are assisted by teachers and our volunteers. We also involve the parents or guardians by providing them with the progress of their children’s academic performance. Through our experience, we know that a, conducive environment can ensure quality learning for students from poor family background or broken homes to gain dignity and self-respect.

As such Atmah foundation has also established several community centers throughout Klang Valley for students who live in low cost flats and poor living conditions to study and do homework peacefully.

The success of the centers are also partly due to the support by our coordinators, older students who are appointed to take care of these children who look up to them for guidance and encouragement.

In our community centers, we conduct tutoring program and provide meals during the class breaks. Kind donations are provided to Atmah Foundation by members and often been cash and in other form like books, uniforms and food items.

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