Welfare Aid & Counseling


We provide Counseling for students, individuals, couples, families, groups, communities and to all those who are in need of counseling or rather seek to improve their quality of life. The sessions may focus on a person’s current or past problems, experiences, thoughts, feelings or relationships. By sharing their experiences with our trained, knowledgeable, understanding person and qualified Counselors, the student or individuals couple or family may gradually understand more about themselves and the problems they are facing and come out of it. Student’s time of studies is a time of developing their personality, which is almost always inevitable connected with crises. Most of the students find difficulties in the beginning of their studies and right up to the time of finishing university.

Areas of psychological counseling needs can be:

• Doubts of being able to continue studying

• Difficulties with work

• Exam nerves

• Lacking self-confidence

• Relationship problems or problems in your social environment

• Problems with alcohol, drugs, online-addiction

• Family problems affecting education

Atmah Recent Welfare Aid Projects

Our track records positively attract many donors and volunteers to donate further contribute towards our Welfare Aid.

1) Conducting pre-school program

2) Resolving citizenship, identity card (IC) and birth certificate (BC) issues for children from urban poor communities

3) Providing food and essential groceries to hard core poor families during festival seasons

4) Providing free school informs and school shoes for kids from hardcore poor families.

5) Providing food and essentials for lower income families (With household income below RM 600 per month)

6) Easing the financial burden of the underprivileged and sick

7) Organizing medical care and checkups

8) Celebrating with old forks during festival

9) Organizing festive celebration and giveaways

10) Organizing blood donation drive

11) Sponsoring poor families

12) Sponsoring Atmah Football team.

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